Finding a New Hand

The weird thing about starting back up from nothing —and I'm not trying to sound like a grump— is that it's so ODD to see how much has changed in four years, give or take. When I decided to take time off, I was burned out on illustration. Fried. Crispy. Didn't want to draw another thing ever for any reason for anyone. Just done. I'd been working non-stop for about 8 years straight and had lost all the joy connected to creating an image.

And now the joy is back. Since my little one isn't quite so little, I'm finding that urge to make pictures back with aggression. My biggest dilemma now is what pictures should I make? I look back at my work and it's very girl centric. Do I shove all that work out and go full boy or do I hunker down and draw even more girls? (*spoiler* I will probably go for the latter.) But doing what? And in what style? And how detailed and how scenic or figurative? These are the things I'm constantly stumbling over as I'm trying to sort out exactly what it is, now that I'm drawn... to drawing. ;)